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“Since the olden days, Brunei has played an important role in business and trading in Southeast Asia”


One of the oldest surviving Malay kingdoms, the history of Brunei dated back to the 6th Century. An old romantic poem told the tale of a group of warrior clan led by Pateh Berbai who, following a dream went along a river in search of a rich valley. There, they built their new settlement and named it Baru Nah, an exclamation to the richness of the land. Traders in the region who spoke Sanskrit as the lingua franca called it Barunai, from the word “varuna”, meaning “merchant”. Eight centuries later, fourteen princes reputed to be of semi-divine descent came to Brunei and established a throne. In the next two centuries, Brunei grew to become the most powerful kingdom in Borneo. It later adopted the title Darussalam which means The Abode of Peace.



16th century Brunei Pitis